Saint Paul Art Crawl

April 25, 26 & 27, 2014 — Friday 6–10 PM Saturday 12–8 PM Sunday 12–5 PMM

Advertising Opportunities

Now in it’s 23rd year, the St. Paul Art Crawl is a nationally recognized event that is firmly established on the Twin Cities’ cultural calendar. Over the years, the Art Crawl has become much more than an open–house–style, multi–destination art exhibit. It now features special performances and events, a popular “play along” passport program with prizes, complimentary pedi–cab rides and spontaneous gatherings in studios and local eateries. On average, 30 venues open for the Spring Art Crawl including art cooperatives, buildings with art studios, galleries, and community businesses. With over 250 artists participating, it is one of the largest and most loved open arts events in Minnesota, and it is completely free to visitors. This past spring participating venues counted nearly 30,000 visits to their spaces.

Saint Paul Art Crawl Catalog & Passport

The Spring '14 Catalog & Passport are at the printers. Please stop back!
There will be a link to this seasons Art Crawl Catalog & Passport posted soon.

Catalog Ads | Rates & Sizes
  • Catalog Ads are full color.
  • Catalog distribution is 2,500–3,500.
  • As a special thank you, all Advertisers are listed on the 1st page of the catalog with Art Crawl Donors & Benefactors.
  • Back Cover — $950(Full page: 4.75 inches; wide x 7.75 inches high)
  • Inside Front Cover — $800(Full page: 4.75 inches wide x 7.75 inches high)
  • Inside Back Cover — $800 (Full page: 4.75 inches wide x 7.75 inches high)
  • Interior Full Page — $600 (Full page: 4.75 inches wide x 7.75 inches high)
  • Interior ⅔ Page — $450 (⅔ page: 4.75 inches wide x 5.125 inches high)
  • Interior ⅓ Page — $250 ( ⅓ page: 4.75 inches wide x 2.5 inches high)
  • Interior ⅙ Page — $150 (2.3125 in width x 2.5 high)
Catalog Ad Specs

Download a copy of the Ad specs HERE.

If you represent a Gallery or a Business that plans to host artists for the Crawl, a ⅓ page ad is included in your registration fee.

New! Nonprofits and Large Groups have the option to purchase a ⅓ page ad at the discounted rate of $50.


Passport Ads | Rates & Sizes

The Art Crawl Passport Program is an interactive game with prizes.
Passports have limited advertising space and higher distribution than catalogs.

Passport distribution is 7,000–8,000.

Front Cover — Reserved for the Passport Sponsor, (3.3” x 4.375” high)

Click here to learn more about Sponsorships.

  • Full Page — $800 (Full Page ads: 3.3” x 8.25” high)
  • ¾ Page — $600 (¾ page ads: 3.3” x 6” high)
  • ½ Page — $400 (½ page ads: 3.3” x 4” high)
  • ¼ Page — $200 (¼ page ads: 3.3” x 2” high)

Download a copy of the Ad specs HERE.


Passport Ad Specs

Supporter Listing* — $75 (Supporter Listings direct customers to your location to receive a stamp in the Passport that will make them eligible to win prizes. These listings are text only)

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